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Best Western

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(808) 853-2333
923 Hikina Ln Ste A
Honolulu, HI 96817-4537
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Best Western Meats : - Steak Chicken Seafood Pork meat, steak, Hawaii, oahu, kauai, maui, big island, cook from frozen

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(808) 853-2333

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When i see a complain or two it bothers me.We guarantee all of our products for Taste,Tenderness and Freezer Burn for 12 Months.As for the writer below thats just NOT TRUE,call us and we replace it its that simple,medium heat from frozen on grill flip once, cover with lid.We have had another company trying to blast us on the blogs writeing fake complaints about us,you can tell when you read it its been the same people.WELL FOLKS let me say this, we have been delivering to over 60,000 homes in the State of Hawaii a year, for the last 4 years at least, and have had 5 complaints with the B.B.B.in a 36 month time period(longer than that) ,and a few on the blogs(that i question) AND NOT A SINGLE COMPLAINT ANYWHERE ELSE.We have 20 trucks that service the State,please do the MATH,thats a less then a hand full out of 240,000 people.239,994 satisfied customers,Please fell free toCALL ME ANYTIME,MIKE


If you get scammed into buying this trash, throw it in the garbage and tell your neighbors to beware.


I normally will never bother to review a product/company but this one is quite an exception. Please don't get suckered in by these scam artists! I cooked their product as they suggested(from frozen, which is rediculous) then the proper way, thawed, seasoned and grilled. No matter that I did, it was honestly so bad it is not fit to eat. The person who said they fed it to their dog should be ashamed. Mine went into the trash where it belonged. The guarantee is a joke! I'd you try the product, you cannot return it so that is no guarantee at all. The only people who can positively review these guys are those who work for them or are in on the scam. Do not get suckered by these crooks.


I forgot to say that you can still get your money back if you return the order complete within 3 days. Read the back of your receipt. I would have returned mine if I had listened to the other reviewer, but I tried the steak and it was not even average. Scale of 1 to 10 it was a 3. Not worth it.


Same as other reviewer said. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY on this terrible meat. I just made their "choice rib-eye" steak and it was terrible. Meat was rubbery and the taste was not there. With a good piece of meat you usually only need salt and pepper. With this meat you need to find some kind of sauce to add flavor. I've bought meat from all kind of different places and this was by far the worst. What a waste of money.


I bought from this company, it was a gift to my husband who is an excellent and Chef and pro at BBQ'ing. We know food handling well and always are safe in this respect. This meat and fish was the worst we have ever consumed and we cooked most of it for our dogs. The meat / fish we did consume, we became sick and we could later see the chicken had obviously thawed and been frozen again so we had to throw all the chicken away. When we called to complain, we only received another sales guy at our door asking us to buy more and give them another chance. No offer for money back or order replacement (which we would not have accepted anyway). There are so few businesses that go door to door and sell out of a truck/car, and for good reason at least in the business of perishable products the last place we will ever buy our meats/fish is from a traveling dog and pony show. I recently met a man who once worked for this company and he told me their mark up is about 300%, that the meats do thaw and are refrozen and food safety is not even a concern for this owner who just wants to make money. He also told me that when workers have left this company, some have been harassed by the owner and some being paid off to do the owner's dirty work in the community and to harass others. I felt I should share my knowledge and information about this company. Buy your meats/fish at our local markets not from the traveling meat guy or gal!

gi jane

I have not cook this yet. I had only bought it merely 1 hour ago. I bought the seafood set and I hope I was not taken. I do want to say the woman that sold it was in plain clothes with a few holes in them but I could relate. She is trying to make a living and selling products from a truck can't be easy. She was a good seller and was pleasant to talk to. She was partnered by a guy and he was very quite. I hope he comes out of his shell to sell the product. Well wish me luck this product is for me and my boyfriend.


I just received an email all but out right accusing the people selling meat from Best Western, as being thieves!? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Sounds to me like its coming from someone who has too much time on their hands, or a score to settle. There are many simple things wrong with the email, but here's the first 3. 1) Its harassment 2) Its defamation of character 3) If there were any robberies as the email indicated, didnt anyone call the police? Because I'm positive if they had, the Police would have spoken to the owners, and been all over the sales people. And that has NOT happened. So please people, if you receive this email, ignore it. It is completely untrue!!


this is not a review, more of a rebuttal. altho I have bought their meat and as long as you cook it the way they say, its excellent! Now to those complaining.........my daughter has worked for them for over 2 yrs, and if its so bad, why do they get SO many repeat customers? Learn to follow directions people!


this person called and was told to cook from frozen and would even replace it free.We they have never heard of such a thing and said that there pros at cooking and wouldnt do it,If anybody reading this can tell 1) its been over cook per own words 2)DO NOT THAW-COOK FROM FROZEN.The meats been aged at peak of perfection, by thawing you will loose the juices in the thawing process thats to be sheard in the meat by a hot grill and if seasoning is desired rub with olive oil and go to town,this is new to some but new can be fun

true to my word

We bought this meat from the rolling truck man. You know the guy that roles around in the truck. This meat was cooked as per the instructions. Being a pro griller that I am I know I cooked this meat the way you should. I was angry when I thought about how much money I had spent. I think of this company more as a scam. The meat is very tough and has no flavor. Trust me if your trying to entertain people this the one meat you dont want to think to serve your guest. Then the man has the nerve to call me and ask if I wanted more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please! These meats are like eating a over cooked, dry, and tastless steak.

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